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Powerful and practical solutions for those who are troubled by negative emotions, habits, energy, and thoughts.

An educator at heart, I have helped many people to recreate their lives and recover from addiction, listlessness, and emotional upheaval. I have worked within the statutory and voluntary sector in the fields of addiction, education, and criminal justice, for over fifteen years. I possess both theoretical and practical insight into the biopsychosocial model of addiction and behavioural change. Crucially, I also possess the didactic and motivational skills to give my clients the best possible chance of achieving permanent change.

Having worked within integrated mental health and substance misuse teams at a number of prisons in South East England, I am qualified in the management and care of individuals in the custodial environment and a trained and experienced drug and alcohol recovery worker. I am also a qualified hypnotherapist. As well as operating a private practice, I have worked for organisations as varied as the NHS, Oxford University Press and The Ministry of Justice.

I have received training in the following areas: Motivational Interviewing, Harm Minimisation and Relapse Prevention, CBT, Hypnotherapy, Solution Focussed Brief Therapy, SASH (suicide and self-harm) Prevention, Substance Misuse, Mental Health, Communicable Diseases, Conditioning, Manipulation and Corruption Prevention Awareness, Pro-social Behaviour, Goal Setting and Personal Responsibility.

Areas of expertise include: Addiction, Alcoholism, Relapse Prevention, Emotional Release, 12 Step Recovery, Stoicism, Resilience, Mindset, Coaching, and Motivation. 

Whereas other practitioners might try to be a blank slate, to be neutral, and to follow a strict protocol, I do not. My approach is head-on, intuitive and uplifting. I offer a toolkit of techniques with the overarching aim of rapidly delivering powerful and permanent change. I also have personal experience of the processes I advocate. There is no clinical detachment here; rather, there is the distilled practical wisdom from a life lived on the front lines, helping real people solve real problems in real time.

I am a solution and results focused practitioner. Our work together will generally focus on three areas: Narrative, Emotions, and Behaviour.
The Narrative
Many of our problems are caused by faulty ways of thinking about ourselves and the world around us. Cognitive reframing is a technique used to engineer a shift in mindset so you're able to look at a situation, person, or relationship from a different perspective.
The Emotions
Inherent in all of us are nine emotional states: apathy, grief, fear, lust, anger, pride, courageousness, acceptance, and peace. In AGFLAPCAP emotional release work we focus on the feeling itself, not on the thoughts. Thoughts are endless and self-reinforcing, and they only breed more thoughts. Thoughts are often merely rationalizations of the mind to try and explain the presence of certain feelings.
The Behaviour
Cognitive reframing and emotional release promotes behavioural modification. And behavioural modification supports emotional release and cognitive reframing. The net result is a greatly enhanced operational capacity.

Jules is a force of nature. His enthusiasm and energy for helping people is awesome and infectious. His approach – combining his own abundant experience of recovery with a range of wisdom from an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary philosophies – saved my life. Our sessions were fun, therapeutic and interactive – the insight I received from Jules as we discussed how a new attitude and approach to living would produce different results was enlightening – and I’d leave the sessions feeling uplifted and hopeful.
Jules has an extensive and thorough knowledge of recovery, drawing from his own sobriety and the experiences he has gained over the years taking many men through the 12 steps. He is steadfastly reliable, warm and selfless. He truly understands the mind of an addict: our thought process, triggers and beliefs. He helped me see my failings and weaknesses while amplifying my strengths. He became and still is someone I literally trust with my life.  
Jules is a recovery powerhouse. A great man and mentor, he is properly armed with the facts about addiction. He is able to explain the mental and emotional sides of it very well. He is currently helping me in several aspects of my life. Jules has been instrumental in my recovery process and for helping me to turn my life around. 
Finding the strength to admit to needing help is the first step. Finding the right help is the crucial next one. Jules has enabled me and countless others to find the path to sobriety. It is rare to encounter such true vocation. I owe Jules my life and new found serenity. 

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